Silani Walla Patta
Silani Walla Patta

Silani Walla Patta

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My awareness of Sri Lankan Oud goes back to 2012 and right to the start of the slow realisation in the Gulf, that Gyrinops Walla was capable of producing a type of agarwood product.  My excited father-in-law who traded in agarwood in the UAE had heard about the possibilities of this new source and recommended me to travel to the island of Sri Lanka and investigate the matter further. 

Fate decided otherwise and it was not until a few years later that I finally visited the island and discovered this magnificent oil.  Coming straight from the Sinharaja rainforest of Sri Lanka, this oil will transport you straight into the rainforest which boasts one of the most varied biodiverse ecosystems in the world and is a marvel to behold in the mornings as the shafts of sun rays illuminate the forest, revealing every hue of green flora and fauna bathed in resplendent bright yellow sunshine. 

As the forest is gently heated by the rising sun, the dew that clings to leaves everywhere is transformed into great clouds of fine scented mist that rise up to the great jungle canopy and gracefully glide towards the mountains.  This oil takes me back to the moment when I first inhaled this glorious scented mist carrying that inimitable olfactory jungle signature with vetiver, hay, deep minty incense laced with honey.  The journey does not stop there however and as the oil dries down, it reveals fresh green and blue aquatic notes generously sprinkled with exotic spices.