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Funk Meister

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This is a Hindi oud, but the main difference between Bangladeshi ouds and Indian ouds is the slight sweetness in its profile which usually comes in the form of a chocolatey note. This oil opens with slightly funky barn, but it dissipates very very quickly into a sweet floral cardamom, tobacco and leather notes with hints of chocolate & green mango. After drying down into a woody base...

Agarwood Species
 Aquilaria Malaccensis

Distilled: In 2017 using steel pot

Before I proceed to talk about this oil, I want you to consider two facts about the archetypal Hindi genre of oud:  

 Fact One.   Historically, oud that was described as “Hindi” originated from the Indian subcontinent, regardless of whether the jungle lay in modern-day Assam, India or across the border in Bangladesh.  Jungles and plant species do not require passports to cross artificial borders. 

Fact Two.  The quintessential hallmark of Hindi oud oils has been the “barn” element of the scent profile.  

 Taking these two factors into account, I want to introduce Funk Meister from Bangladesh.  This is the most unapologetic Hindi oil I have ever encountered. The beautiful floral and cardamom chocolate opening that characterises good quality organic oils from this region.  If you demand your Hindis with maximum projection, sillage and longevity dialled up to their limits, then this is your oil.  This is one oud oil that will put a smile on the face of oud purists and turn heads of passers-by.