Papua Archipelago

Papua Archipelago

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An amazing Indonesian Oud oil with a beautiful top note of tropical fruit and undertones of banana peel. Very light airy Woody scent with  Floral nuances, linear till the end


Agarwood Species: Gyrinops

: 2018 using steel distillation pot



Now… this oud is something else with a beautiful top note of tropical fruit salad and undertones of banana.  A fine example of a Papuan oud oil that anyone would not mind swiping.  Ouds are generally something that takes time to get accustomed to and are not what could be termed a universally friendly scent.  It takes time and patience to appreciate them for a newcomer.  Not so for the Papua Archipelago which would make a fine introduction to oud with its sweet and friendly welcoming note.


If you are one of those long-suffering ouddict’s whose spouse hates the smell of oud and you find that your indulgence of this scent is curtailed, Papua Archipelago will solve that problem once and for all!