Bangladesh sandalwood
Bangladesh sandalwoods

Bangla Sandalwoode Royale

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When it comes to sandalwood all you hear is Mysore, Mysore, and more Mysore. This region is famed for it’s its production of incredible sandalwood, they thought that it would last forever but it didn’t. Mysore Sandalwood is becoming rarer and more expensive and the quality isn’t what it once was. At Oudbase our ethos is providing the best possible aromatics at the best possible price, so we took a trip across the border into Bangladesh. What we have here is a wonderful alternative to Mysore Sandalwood. an extremely high-grade vintage sandalwood. As soon as this hits the burner you are greeted with the most wonderful, buttery, spicy, and almost gingerbread-like nuance which will linger around your house for days. Bangladeshi sandalwood is quickly gaining fame as a more affordable and some may say better alternative to Mysore Sandalwood.