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Suvan̆da forest

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Opens with a sublimely fresh sweet minty vetiver note with aquatic nuances has the note of incense smoke with a beautiful floral dry down...


Agarwood Species: Gyrinops

: 2019 using steel distillation pot



I’m sure that many of us have thumbed through photos of exotic locations and some of us are fortunate to have visited places that can only be described as paradise on earth.  What has always captured my imagination more than anything else is the intensity and warmth of the sunshine in those places.  It’s definitely a far cry from the dreary overcast weather here in London and I’m not alone in wishing that I could capture a bit of that sunshine in a bottle and carry it with me wherever I go.


Well with the Suvan̆da Forest it’s as close to sunshine in a bottle as you will ever get.  Forget virtual reality headsets as this oud takes your immersive experience way beyond visual imagery.  This oud just radiates a warm glow of blissful light as you swipe it and luxuriate as it envelops you in a stunning sea of scent that transports you to a lush Sri Lankan tropical location.  Artisanal quantities available which means only a lucky few will enjoy the experience.