It could be argued that the use of “oud” as a note in modern & mainstream perfumery started with Tom Ford as creative director at YSL.

His fragrance, M7, really hit the market by storm, utilising synthetic Oud in a way that wasn’t really done before.

As time went on numerous other brands have jumped on the Oud bandwagon, often using a drop of real (low grade) plantation Oud Oil so they can claim “This composition contains real oud oil”.

Non of these “oud” perfumes will ever come close to the experience that 100% pure Oud oil will provide. In fact some smell absolutely awful and have that synthetic woody vibe or smell like the inside of a public toilet.

At OudBase we aren’t about fancy gimmicks, the illusion of false luxury or shiny crystal caps.

Our mission is to bring pure Oud oils and Oud wood to the world.

OudBase started off due to one mans love affair with Oud and it will continue with that focus in mind.

New products to come guys, stay tuned.



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