Artisanal oud oils & incense

Ceylon Nirvana

We only used double super incense grade Sri Lankan oud chips along with sinking grade dust to distill this oil. therapeutic, meditative effect of this oil is incredible and it will only improve as it ages. The price and the rarity of the material used in this oil meant that we could only produce it in very small quantitie. As with most good things in life it won’t last.

grab it while you can!

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From sourcing to distilling

Transparency is our core value. We conduct the whole process of making our oud oils and share what goes into the pot with you, because we believe you have the right to know what you're buying.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most therapeutic experience from the high-quality aromatics to eco-minded people while keeping authenticity and sustainability.

Why OudBase?

You can buy cheap oud directly from wholesalers and distillers. At Oud Base our job is to find the best oud for your money, by weeding out adulterated ouds and ouds that is not worth the money. We save you time and money by only providing good value products. this is our core strength that comes by having direct connections to the source and a family thats deeply rooted in the industry.

We are at the base level of the oud industry so we have direct connection,hence why we named our company oud base. Having less middlemen enables us to minimize the end-price while helping farmers and hunters to earn their fair shares.

Our small scale empowers us to cater to your need at a personal level and build bonds.

Why people love OudBase

  • OudBase team is kind of people that do not hesitate to send customers to other shops if they don't have the right product for customers' needs. I'm delighted with their empathetic customer service.

    - Taesik

  • Ratnapura is my "Preferred profile" when it comes to Sri Lankan oudh. I wish I had a kilo of this wood.

    - Curt

  • Hindi Sultan is an experience never to be missed. Wow, 👌👌 a Hindi oud without any animalic or barnyard smell. will definitely be a legend.

    - Hafiz


What is Agarwood, Oudh, Gaharu?

Oud is a type of incense that has a distinctive fragrance, and it is used for its scent. Oud is also called agarwood, although this term refers to the wood of the Aquilaria tree which is also known as Gaharu . It is formed in the heartwood of the aquilaria trees when they became infected from fungus.

It is used in perfume and in religious ceremonies as well as other contexts

What is Attar, Mukhallat?

Technically, Attar means oil that co-distilled aromatics with sandalwoods. and Mukhallat means concentrated perfume composition without alcohol. but in these days, the word "Attar" is used to describe concentrated perfume oil instead of Mukhallat. our attars fit in this criteria.

What does oud smell like?

The fragrance of oud captivates you from the first impression. It’s woody aroma is rich in nuances, ranging from sweet, floral, musky, spicy, fruity, tobacco and leather just to name a few, depending on the Agarwood species that produce the resin and on the distillation technique used.

How can I use oud?

Usually, oud comes in two broad categories, which being 'oil', and 'wood'. you can swipe oud oil on your skin just like a perfume. with woods, you can burn it on charcoal or gently heat it on an electric burner.

How long it would take to arrive after purchase?

We try to ship out the parcel as soon as possible. the parcel will be sent within 24 hours after you placed an order and the rest is up to the shipping service you choose. if you want to get the parcel faster, we encourage you to use our DHL shipping option but please bear in mind that costs extra than regular shipping.

How long will a 2.5ml bottle of oud oil last?

It depends on how frequently you use the oil, and how much you apply. Oud is highly addictive and if you're an oud addict like us, then it will last you six months plus. But if you apply a moderate swipe then a 2.5ml bottle will last as long as up to a year.

How long does oud last on my skin?

Depending on the oud oil, this could range anywhere from a few hours to up to 24 hours.

How do I know my oud is authentic?

You can experience the purist oud from us or from one of the leading sellers of authentic oud oils, who actually make their own oils and not from those who like to tell you a Harry Potter story about oud. Synthetic or diluted oud will give you a headache and it won’t smell complicated. The only way to know for sure if your oud is authentic is to purchase it from experienced vendors who make their own oud oils and have their own distillery like us.