Oud-how long does it last?

These are questions I always get asked.

“How long does this oil last”

“Will I get good projection with this oil”

This is an incredibly tricky question to answer as from my experience the performance will depend on the actual wearers skin chemistry. Some people report getting over 24 hour after application, others report performance of 4 hours. It’s also tricky to judge this for yourself as once you apply scent to your skin you can end up with something called olfactory fatigue.

Think about it for a second, when you enter a room with a strong smell eventually your nose will get used to it. Leave that same room and come back and you will once again be overwhelmed by the scent.

Pure Oud oils don’t contain synthetics or alcohol to increase projection. As a result, many will report a smaller scent bubble with Oud oils but that they last longer.

For me this is totally fine as Oud is something that is worn for a personal experience. A moment of self indulgence or for spiritual contemplation as your nose digs deeper into your wrist trying to pick apart the various nuances of the oil you are wearing.

Oud isn’t meant to be smelt across the street but once you come into contact with a person they will notice, even if you can’t smell it anymore.

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