Oud and Summer: A Fragrant Affair or a Heated Debate?


In the opulent world of fragrances, there exists one scent that stands apart, woven in history and splendor – oud. This mesmerizing aroma, both mystical and luxurious, has captured the hearts and noses of many. But the million-dollar question remains: Is oud the summer scent you’ve been missing out on?


A Living Fragrance: The Dynamic Dance of Oud


Understanding oud requires diving deep into its nature. Originating from the Aquilaria tree, oud is an aromatic heartwood, a product of a fascinating transformation that occurs due to a specific mold infection. This creates a rich and complex scent profile. As temperatures rise and fall, as humidity ebbs and flows, oud’s fragrance dances differently. It can have a multitude of sent profiles like sweet, floral,woody, fruity, citrusy, aquatic, spicy, or even slightly animalic. Such nuances make oud a captivating choice for those who appreciate the art of perfumery.


Oud in the Blistering Middle Eastern Sun: A Personal Tale


Being the hands and nose behind Oudbase, I’ve immersed myself in the world of oud, understanding its subtlest notes and quirkiest undertones. I recall a summer day in the Middle East, where the sun was relentless. The idea of burning oud felt like adding fire to an inferno. Yet, the allure was too strong. The first waft felt like a miscalculation, but as minutes turned to hours, the air transformed, creating a unique sensory experience. The heat intensified the oud’s characteristics, making it richer and more profound. Is there a temperature limit on burning in the summer heat? I would say yes, for me, personally that limit was around 35 to 40°C can be uncomfortable being next to a piece of burning charcoal.But on the other hand wearing oud oils is different.


FAQ: What Makes Some Oud Oils Summer Friendly?


1. Why do some oud oils feel lighter?

Different regions produce oud with varied characteristics. The soil, climate, and even the specific Aquilaria species contribute to its scent profile. Oud from the dense forests of Sri Lanka has a more tropical, fresh feel, whereas those from the arid regions of Laos, India and Cambodia, may feel heavier and more resinous.

2. How to choose an oud for summer?

Consider the notes and the origin. Ouds with citrusy, fresh, or aquatic undertones can be refreshing for summer.


An Englishman’s Perspective on Oud


Being British, my olfactory experiences have predominantly been shaped in cooler climes. The damp, often chilly air of England adds a different layer to the oud. Here, even the most intense oud feels more subdued, gentle, like a warm embrace on a cold day. Comparing this to the Middle Eastern experience, it’s evident that the same oud can tell two completely different stories based on the backdrop.


The Allure of Agarwood: A Historical Perspective


From the pages of ancient scriptures to the courts of royal dynasties, oud, also known as agarwood, has a tale as old as time. In the 8th century, it was considered more precious than gold. Arab traders introduced oud to the western world, where it became a symbol of luxury and status. Its deep, resinous aroma resonated with spirituality and opulence alike.


Crafting Oud: An Art and Science


Creating oud is not just a process; it’s an art form. When the Aquilaria tree gets infected with a particular mold, it produces a fragrant resin to protect itself. This resin-laden heartwood is what gives us oud. But not all infected trees produce the same quality of oud. The age of the tree, and how long the infection has been growing in that tree the region where it grows, and the method of extraction, all play a part.


Embracing Oud: Tips for the Novice


For those new to oud, its intensity might seem overwhelming. But, like a fine wine, it’s all about finding the right fit:


1. Start Small: Begin with a dab on your wrists. Let it evolve throughout the day.

2. Layering: Combine oud with another favorite perfume. This can create a bespoke scent tailored just for you.

3. Occasion Matters: Wear it to an evening event or a personal gathering. Notice the reactions and how it makes you feel.


Engage Your Senses: Have You Ever Tried Oud in Summer?


Our noses are gateways to memories. A particular scent can transport us to a different time and place. With oud being so dynamic, each experience is unique. Maybe you wore oud to a summer wedding, and now every time you smell it, you’re reminded of joyous laughter and dancing. Or perhaps, a summer evening by the beach with oud wafting through the salty air. We’d love to hear about it!




Oud, with its rich heritage and complex aroma, is undoubtedly a fragrance that demands respect. Whether it’s a sizzling summer day or a chilly winter evening, there’s an oud for every occasion. Dive deep, explore, and let your senses guide you.


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