The Spiritual Value of Oud

I would like to pose a thought provoking question here to our followers.  It is my firm belief oud oils and agarwood are spiritually uplifting products and they have a great deal of impact on my daily well-being.  I don’t look at them through the lens of a product like my clothes or my average fragrances.  I view them as an important element to my daily spiritual life. Burning agarwood and wearing oud has more than just a material effect on me.  I think of them as a type of “medicine for my spirituality.”   I know I have expressed this before, but I would like to know what you think about this subject.  Do you share my same thoughts?  If you do, please elaborate on your experiences.


I work to educate you on what I have learned in my own fragrance journey.   Many people have told us we are selling our oils and woods at a price much lower than the level they should be sold.  We stand by our commitment to you enjoying our products while remaining as budget friendly as we possibly can.  Since I believe so strongly in oud being tied to mine and your spiritual well-being we want to spread this to our customers without fear of you having any type of regret about your purchase.  I don’t put any products up for sale which I wouldn’t use in my own daily life.


With this in mind, I would like to know—do you share my thoughts and personally consider oud to be part of your spiritual life?  Please tell me more about your experience.  Your thoughts and stories are much appreciated.   Feel free to share any and all opinions on this.  I enjoy reading your comments, and it helps us determine how to move forward with our future products and how to better bring you these wonderful life experiences I have experienced.




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