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The effect of scent on emotion is proven and well established in human existence.

Why do you think religious temples burn incense or your better half insists on burning a wax melt or yankie candle after a hard days work. The answer is simple, to induce relaxation.

Given that Oud is such a complex aromatic it will come as no surprise that it can trigger a number of emotions. These emotions will of course vary depending on the user of the oil but I’ll include some examples regarding my own experiences below.

Hindi Ouds - these can often have a grounding quality, excellent for aiding meditation and to clear racing thoughts. Nothing will bring you down to earth better than a high grade Hindi oil.

Thai/Cambodian - Known for being very playful, these oils can have a huge boost on your mental well being. Thai oils will often bring a smile to your face during darker days.

Indonesian/Malay - There is quite a large scent spectrum when it comes to Indo/Malay oils but in my opinion they are very uplifting and thought inducing. Almost like the Oud equivalent of a cup of coffee.

Sri Lankan - these oils tend to have a wonderful tranquil and aquatic blue quality. Perfect for unwinding and clearing your thoughts after a hard days work.

At OudBase we believe that Oud is a healer and a tool to make lives better. It is our mission to share this precious material with the world.

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