With a spray it’s easy, you have a fancy bottle with no instructions required you simply spray away.

Oud oils should be applied in a particular way depending on the experience you want to have.

1. The personal experience - swipe some oil around an inch above your wrist, this means you can hold it up to your nose and experience the full note breakdown. From piercing buzzy top notes all the way through to the mellow, woody and blissful Oudy base. Doing things this way means you will learn a lot more from your oils. In time you will pick out regional familiarities and what grade of oil you are sniffing. Disclaimer- You may find yourself getting strange looks at work sniffing your wrist constantly 🤣.

2. Creating a scent cloud - If you want others to smell you I would recommend that you swipe on both arms as above and also apply a small amount of oil behind each ear, you could also rub the remaining oil between your hands and scent your clothing. You will get noticed doing things in this manner.

3. The atomic option - carry out all the steps in option two. Purchase some of our high grade agarwood chips and place these on a burner (for advice on this please contact us) Once the chip is bubbling fumigate your clothes and skin with the wonderful Oudy smoke cloud. Doing things this way you will experience the full four dimensional Oud experience. 

Make sure you check out our website to see the amazing Oud Wood chips and Oud oils we have on offer. Oudbase.com


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