Indonesia is a vibrant country and full of wonderful people. People of different cultures, traditions and backgrounds. The food can vary massively from place to place as well as the religious beliefs and cultural norms.



This huge diversity is also reflected in the jungles of Indonesia.


Indonesia is an archipelago which consists of 17,508 islands, only 6000 are thought to be inhabited by human life. Vast swarms of natures raw beauty, jungles inhabited by various animals and creatures of all shapes and sizes.


It won’t  come as a surprise that Indonesia also has a huge variety of agarwood trees up to 17 species with only a few producing oud. The species is split between - genera Aquilaria and Gyrinops. The most popular and coveted is Aquilaria malaccensis,Aquilaria Beccariana,Aquilaria Hirta,Aquilaria Filaria,Gyrinops Versteegii.

There is a lot of variety when it comes to the experience Indonesian oud delivers. Some Sumatran oils can be quite sweet and uplifting, other Papuan oils can be less sweet and more green, menthol and with a jungle like quality. Maroke oils can be dark, earthy and have a leathery almost shoe polish vibe which can take some getting used to.


At oudbase we want to pay homage to the nation of Indonesia and the treasures it brings to the world.


We recently offered a Papuan oil which was well received and plan to offer a lot more Indonesian oils in the future.


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