It’s argued by many that Sylhet Bangladesh was the origin of the agarwood tree. From there it was said to spread out to cover areas Eastern and south Eastern Asia. No one really knows and this is purely speculation.


However, with most Oud heads you find a similar pattern of behaviour. Hindi oils are the first they usually try. They then move onto to other regions. Thai, Cambodia, Indonesia perhaps a quick journey over to China.


One thing is sure though as many oud heads will tell you “All roads lead back to Hindi”.


After taking their Nose to the jungles of Koh Kong, the plantations of Thailand, the thick untouched jungles of  Sumatra and the island of Hainan. They will always return home to India/Bangladesh and find deep comfort and joy in the Hindi profile, like meeting an old friend. Hindi is a profile which is unlike any other. An acquired taste for many, but once enjoyed you can’t go back.


At Oudbase we have a deep affinity and appreciation of Hindi oud. We brought the Funkmeister to the market and the feedback we got was fantastic, it sold out in no time.


We plan to release more Hindi oils soon. One which  has been distilled in our own pots in the UAE.


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