We often hear what a challenging and polarising scent oud is. But is it really? Are all oud oils equally as hard to wear in let’s say a work or office environment? I would say that if you enjoy the serenity that Oud gives you, why not wear it everywhere? Especially for a situation as stressful as work.

As Oud lovers we really shouldn’t be ashamed about what others think. We should be introducing people to what we love in the hope that they will also gain benefit. Try it and I think you will be surprised how your work colleagues will react.

**Disclaimer** I am not advising you to wear a 60 day soaked Hindi oil to work 🤣.

But rather than going to work scent free or instead of wearing your regular work spray perfume why not take a few swipes of oil instead. It could be Indonesian or perhaps Sri Lankan depending on your tastes. These types of Oud oils are very easy to wear and I can’t see them offending people. I would 100% recommend Suvan̆da forest or IndoMalay as complex and nuanced oils but ones that certainly won’t offend anyone around you given that they have ZERO barnyard qualities.

You can find these oils and details of our others on oudbase.com

Don’t hide in the shadows, be brave and share what you love with other people


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