For the next month or so the Uk will be entering full lockdown. This means we can’t see our friends or family and we can’t pray at the masjid either. This coupled with the shorter days is a recipe for depression, lethargy and anxiety. But don’t give up, remain strong!

Oud has got me through some dark days in my life. It’s been there like a loyal companion throughout life’s ups and downs.

I strongly feel that members of the public would now be in a position to truly benefit from the spiritual and healing power of Oud.

Burn some agarwood chips and try to be depressed, it’s not possible! Swipe some oil and recline back. Depression just isn’t compatible with the experience that Oud and Oud oil gives. There is huge evidence to support a link between what we smell and how we feel.

Allow the healing of Oud to intoxicate you in the best possible way and I promise we can get through these dark winter days together.



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