When you’re dealing with Oud, a complex aromatic that is multi faceted, layered, nuanced and that delivers a different experience to each wearer then it’s often difficult to find the words.


You will encounter people who will  say “I get leather from this one”, another will say “I get hay” and another will say “I get fruit”. This can often be from the same oil.


Many oud heads will refer to colours rather than to other aromas that exist in nature in an attempt to put the art and beauty of agarwood oil into words, words that us mere mortals can understand.


For example - Sri Lankan Oud oils will often be defined as blue due to their aquatic nature, Indonesian oils may have a sweet jungle vibe so will often be defined as green by the wearer, some Cambodian oils will be defined as red due to the presence of tobacco. I could go on and on.


What’s important to remember is there are no right or wrong answers when trying to express a material as complex as Oud.


You won’t find any other aromatic as complex, MIND BENDING and beautiful as pure Oud Oils.


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