The magic of Oud can be enjoyed in two ways (no I’m not talking about the synthetic oud perfumes littering the shelves of shops worldwide)

Pure Oud can either be burnt as a wood chip or applied direct to skin as an oil. The oil itself is distilled from the wood itself (usually shavings) and like the wood it has various grades and costs to purchase.

It’s impossible to choose one or the other for me. My love affair started smelling this as an oil but yet I crave the burn like a drug most days.

Oils will offer a very personal experience, the oud itself seeps into your pores and becomes part of your very being. Staying with you throughout the day.

Burning wood will offer an experience similar to drugs. You will experience total relaxation and nirvana. I’ve seen this time and time again with new users. I sell them some wood and get a message within days asking for more and telling me about the experience it gave them.

Whether it’s wood or oils or both that floats your boat, we have plenty.


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