We all know how scent can impact on your emotional state, anyone who has spent rush hour on the tube next to someone who hasn’t had a wash will testify to this. The smell will in some cases make you angry, uncomfortable and many cases feeling sick. But what’s the science behind this and how can aromatics such as Oud help improve your mental and emotional well being.

Oud is an incredibly complex aromatic with many different fragrance molecules. It has been used for thousands of years and admired by civilisations across the world for it’s therapeutic and spiritual qualities.

These complex aroma molecules flow into our nose from either the burning chips or the oil you have applied into a part of your brain called your limbic system.

The olfactory tract, nerves and bulb also have a very important part to play in all of this providing a direct connection to the brain

The limbic system is an essential part of the brain. It is argued that this is where feelings, emotions, memories and sexual behaviour is processed (no spray no lay). It is also where memories are processed which explains why a smell can take you back in time, sometimes you can’t remember quite where but a feeling of nostalgia is invoked.

The power of Oud on both your mental health and emotional well being is not only proven by anecdotal evidence but also in science.

Look, everyone is feeling rubbish at the minute but you can improve your mood in many ways.

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