Very often “experienced Oud heads” will turn their noses up at the offer of a swipe of Trat oil. Trat is often seen as the favoured Oud oil of newbies or those unable to afford more expensive oils. But is this totally fair?

Yes, Trat oils are very often an entry level Oud oil simply because they smell so good and are very easy on the nose.

They are often shunned by Oud heads due to their “lack of complexity or development”.

I don’t think this is entirely fair as some Trat oils can have wonderful development on the skin and have a wide range of accords, from creamy apricot to earthy tobacco.

Trats aren’t only easy on the nose but also easy on the wallet. We currently have a Trat oil for sale which is complex, long lasting and very easy to love but at the same
time won’t cost you the price of a family car.

There is nothing wrong with something being affordable, as long as the quality is there.

At Oudbase we aren’t about Elitism or Oud snobbery, we want to provide something for everyone. Whether it’s for the man with a collection of 1000 oils or someone just starting on their journey, we are confident we have something for everyone.

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