Agarwood goes by many names and is one of the most beautiful and complex scents in nature that simply cannot be replicated by the hands of men.

Oud wood is formed when an infection takes place within certain species of trees among the Jungles of Asia.

This infection is very often caused by fungus carrying insects burrowing their way into the heart of the tree. It can also be caused by other factors like lightning strike or even from the blow a hunters machete as he checks to see if resin has been produced.

Over the years the tree grows as well as the infection, the infection is essentially slowly killing the tree. The best Agarwood will come from ancient trees that have been infected for many many years, we are seeing less and less of these in the wild.

The story of Agarwood is a fascinating one. The tree in essence becomes a martyr in order to provide the world with the gift of oud oil and oud wood. A noble end for a wonderful tree which we eternally thank God for. Truly a gift from nature we can never pay back. All we can do is respect the Jungles and treat them responsibly.

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