Why Oud?

The fanaticism encountered in the Oud community is almost unreal.

People become completely fascinated, addicted and almost obsessed with acquiring as many high grade Oils and Woods as possible.

Why is this and why don’t we see this with Rose oil, Sandalwood or other aromatics?

The answer is clear.... Oud is something that really touches your soul, it gets under your skin like nothing else, it becomes part of you and becomes a lifelong companion.

There is something almost primal at that very moment you apply an oil to your skin and take a whiff or at that moment when you heat a chip and the wood let’s off it’s precious unique scent profile. It’s almost like you have returned home after a long journey and you are seeking solace in what really matters and what it is to be human.

No single Oud oil is the same and people can take totally different experiences from the same oil. I have yet to encounter this with any raw material, only deer musk comes close but that’s another story.

At OudBase we want to guide you on this journey.

Visit Oudbase.com and start your voyage with us.


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