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The oud market is saturated.

Vendors pop up left right and centre, each one claiming to have the best oils at a cheaper price.

Why should you pick Oudbase?

The answer is simple, a family history going back generations.

At Oudbase we are very much a family business. We don’t make fanciful claims like some perfume brands and we certainly didn’t make scented gloves in the 18th century for Royal families.

What we do have is a business built upon the experience of generations of hunters, distillers and sellers of the finest aromatics on the planet.

I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity and the connections that marriage has brought me. With these connections I can bring you generations of experience in distilling the best Oud oils on the planet. I am able to source the sort of calibre of wood that only lifelong connections can acquire.

Go to and check out the best woods and oud oils money can buy.


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