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Opening with an ambergris barn. Then clearing its way to a light floral lemon zest after which it drys down to a beautiful resinous woody note
Agarwood Species: Sinensis/Agallocha
Distilled  2019 using steel distillation pot


At OudBase we don’t want to bore you with technical primers on the distillery, but oud oils like this are not created by blindly following time-honored distillation techniques, respectable as they are.  To create a signature oil like this requires an innovative approach using the latest techniques and crazy custom tweaks that unfortunately must remain the secret of our distillation partner.      

This oil takes you on an epic journey, bridging traditions from the civilization of China to India; from the meditative and stillness of Far Eastern Zen to the vibrancy of an Indian meal.  Oud is not meant to do this.  It is not meant to bifurcate into two distinct phases that showcase the finest of two species of Oud, but this is exactly what you have here, starting with Sinensis and concluding in Agallocha.         

But enough on distillation, innovation, and traditions.  What really matters is the aroma.  The opening ambergris infused perfumery à la Chinese Zen slowly, but almost imperceptibly transitions to the lively warm glow of Indian Assamese Barn.  This is an oil so unique that out of the hundreds of oud oils I have come across, only one other currently on the market shares its hybrid DNA.  At the “Welcome to OudBase Perfumery” introductory price we are offering it at, you would really regret it not to buy a bottle or more.