Hindi sultan oud oil. Fruity citrus and cardamom tease your senses. All the while, a glowing narcotic, resinous sweetness urges you to take another swipe.

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It’s no secret that the coronavirus has hit South Asia incredibly hard.

Nations like India are facing incredible hardships which we pray that they come through soon. All these factors impact the supply chain of Hindi Oud.

Trying to source good quality Hindi Oud is difficult anyway, but during a pandemic, it becomes an absolute nightmare. Eventually, the distillation was started using actual broken double super wood chips.

The oil was incredibly resinous, to the extent that it was actually sinking to the bottom of the flask. This lost oil is then sucked back into the pot gone but not forgotten. This reduced our yield dramatically, coupled with the cost of buying new equipment meant this oil was incredibly expensive to produce.

All the above was worth it when I swiped this oil for the first time.  I messaged all my friends and customers to let them know what a mind-blowing Hindi this is, it’s truly like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

The reason why I started OudBase, is to share with the world the best oud oils I can make.

This is a Hindi that is crafted from extremely high-grade wood and I suggest to the fellow Oud lovers not to miss this opportunity!

What we have here is a lightly soaked Hindi oil made with the highest grade Assamese Wood Chips we could lay our hands-on. The sort of chips you’d be crazy to make oil from.

This profile is completely clear and pristine with a deep resinous heart that roars Hindi without any of the barn qualities associated with many oils from the Indian subcontinent.

Fruity citrus tease your senses, cardamom, and rich spices set your inner oud head on fire. A wonderful ethereal Assamese quality creeps in. All the while a glowing narcotic resinous sweetness draws you in, urging you to take another swipe.

I present to you Hindi Sultan an oil you would be crazy to miss out on. Very, very limited quantities

Due to the limited quantities, we're not able to offer 0.2ml size samples.