Hindi supreme

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 We are proud to present you Hindi supreme. 

These incredible Wood chips were harvested from trees within the upper Assam region of India.

Hindi is harvested from trees that are decades old and not inoculated, the infection was completely natural.

Upon burning these wood chips you are greeted with that wonderful Hindi top note, which is like no other ouds. This is the ethereal top note beauty.


Incense, sweet cardamom, Earth,  tobacco, and a very slight woody sweetness.

The relaxation factor when burning this Wood is incredible. This is also a very addictive wood to burn, you may find yourself setting off a few smoke alarms with this one. This is why we are selling this at the affordable price of 65$ for 15 grams.

Burn away to your heart's content and allow yourself to be intoxicated by the nuances and magic of Assamese Hindi agarwood.