Indomalay. Distilled in the UAE in 1998 blended with Jayapura and Malaysian dust, discover the captivating Indo Malay oud oil: dark florals, cool menthol, and a musky green herbaceous essence.

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Step into a world where time stands still, where the essence of the Earth’s finest offerings is captured in a bottle, bringing to you an experience that’s both unique and unparalleled. Presenting the Indo Malay Oud Oil – a fragrant journey that takes you across continents and decades.


Distilled in the heart of the United Arab Emirates in 1998, this oud oil is not just another aromatic oil in the market. It is a piece of history, a testament to the harmonious blending of ancient traditions with modern techniques. Each drop of this precious elixir speaks of a time when artisans would craft with pure passion, ensuring that every nuance of the original material was retained and celebrated.


But what makes this oud oil stand out is its origin. The blend boasts of the finest dust sourced from two of the most sought-after oud-producing regions in the world: Jayapura and Malaysia. It’s a dance of the Indonesian and Malaysian olfactory notes, seamlessly merging into each other, creating an olfactory experience that’s both deep and multifaceted.


From the moment you open the bottle, the alluring depths of the Indo Malay Oud Oil engulf your senses. Imagine dark florals in full bloom on a moonlit night, their fragrance wafting through the cool breeze. This is the first note that greets you, reminiscent of exotic flowers that bloom only in the heart of dense tropical forests.


But just as you’re settling into the warmth of the dark florals, a hint of menthol sweeps in, cooling and invigorating. It’s akin to taking a deep breath in a forest right after a rain shower, where the air is crisp, fresh, and alive with possibilities. The menthol note not only adds a layer of complexity but also creates a perfect balance, ensuring that the fragrance doesn’t become overwhelmingly floral.


The journey doesn’t end here. As the top notes start to settle, the musky core of the oil makes its presence felt. Rich, earthy, and enigmatic, the musk adds depth to the fragrance. It’s a scent that evokes memories of ancient forests, of times when nature was untouched and pure. The musk is profound yet not overpowering, beautifully complementing the florals and menthol.


Yet, just when you think you’ve uncovered all its layers, the Indo Malay Oud Oil surprises you once more. A refreshing green herbaceous undertone subtly makes its way through. It’s a scent that reminds one of freshly crushed leaves, of morning dew on grass, of nature in its purest form. This final note adds a refreshing twist to the entire blend, making it a fragrance that’s perfect for all occasions.


In essence, the Indo Malay Oud Oil is not just a fragrance; it’s an experience. It’s a journey that takes you through lush forests, across cool streams, and into the very heart of nature. Every drop tells a story of dedication, of a time when two distinct regions came together to create something truly magical.