Maroke Encens

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Maroke. The very mention of this region in Oud circles draws short breaths for those in the know.  Maroke is unique amongst Oud.  Not for those who love sweet friendly oils, nor for lovers of the barn and dismissed by its detractors who cannot see beyond the typically swampy or earthy exterior.  A low to mid-grade Maroke can indeed prove an unpleasant and harsh experience, but a high-grade oil such as this can reveal a whole new world that Oud lovers knew nothing about. 

On applying a swipe of this oil, one immediately notices a hint of raw wood that gives way to a beautiful resinous note, encased in a shimmering golden background effect that only a superb Maroke can provide.  It is reminiscent of some very expensive and aged Maroke oils that I have come across but at a far more reasonable price.  For those Maroke enthusiasts out there who have longed to be more generous with their swipes, but dared not due to the rarity and cost of oil like this, the Maroke Encens allows you to indulge on a daily basis without fear.