Mihiri Sulanga

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 It was two and a half years ago when we made this oil from our distillation facility in Dubai. we were running out of time after distilling oud oils from incense-grade Sri Lankan wood chips. we had lowder grades of dust at our disposal and we had to make the best out of it in a relatively short time.

 After two years of aging, this oil came out much better than I anticipated. I named this oil Mihiri Sulanga, which means “Sweet wind” in Sinhalese because of the unique airy sweet goodness.

 The opening minutes present a light ambergris note, which rapidly transitions to a fresh, citrusy, and airy scent with hints of sweet mint. a sweet undertone that was lacking in comparison to other ouds I had tried but it doesn’t detract from the quality of the oil at all. there are no floral tones, but there is a subtle, eucalyptus tone that gives this oil a unique flavor.

 As the fragrance progresses it becomes deeper yet still retains its citrusy character from beginning before subsuming into an enveloping base that is neither heavy nor deep but richly feminine instead.