Papua Socotra bakhoor

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The true value of an incense is only revealed when it is introduced to a flame. On applying heat to this incense, you do not have to wait for more than a few seconds to experience a heady concoction of swirling fragrant smoke.  This artisanal, hand-made incense puts some of the more established and more expensive sticks in the shade.


Exquisite quality frankincense and the finest Papuan Agarwood resin were used in the manufacture of this incense bakhoor.  Running through the heart of the smoke rising slowly from the glowing tip is a beautiful mix of sweet orange peel zest laced with mint from the frankincense and deep green and herbal heart encased in sweet honey from the Papuan Agarwood.  These are made by me personally and not sourced from mechanically mass-produced stock.  Grab a slice of this treasure while you can as supplies are limited.