Ceylon Nirvana

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2020 was going to be an incredible year for Oudbase. I had plans to visit Indonesia and other countries in order to source raw materials.

We also had the Official Oudfest 2020 planned which was going to be the best one yet.

Then a tiny virus changed the course of history for billions of people, the OudFest was canceled for a later date, my travel plans ruined all the while I was anxious about catching this disease.

The year was almost completely ruined until I got a phone call.

It was my brother-in-law, inviting me over to help with distillations. This would also be a perfect opportunity to carry out some distillations of my own using my own pot, but distilling Oud in the UAE during a pandemic wasn’t going to be easy.

We had equipment issues, lockdown meant we couldn’t visit the distillery as often as we would have liked and when you’re distilling oud oil in temperatures of 122 degrees Fahrenheit you feel like you could pass out at any moment. It was the hottest temperature I have ever experienced in my life.

The emotions that came over me when I saw the first drops of oil in the flask were incredible.

The glorious Quran says

“with hardship comes ease”

Once I held the oil in my hand and smelt It, an immense feeling of euphoria overtook me. It was a combination of gratitude, surety, and relief with extreme excitement all rolled into one. The hardship I went through was all worthwhile in the end.

To capture the tropical florals, the green hues of crystal clear incense and the deep therapeutic ocean blue that is at the heart of the Sri Lankan profile, is not easy, even when working with the highest grade material.

We think we have nailed it.....

Only the highest grade of wild Sri Lankan actual Oud chips was used, double super incense grade chips along with sinking grade dust rarely used for cooking oils.

If you have been around the block and consider yourself an Oud veteran, this grade of oil will become evident within the first five minutes of application. Delicate tropical florals, a thick resinous honey-like sweetness, the wonderful green hues of the finest incense, and the deepest ocean blue you have ever encountered in a Sri Lankan oil.  Travel back to 2016 when Sri Lankan oils of the finest quality were just hitting the market.  They disappeared within 3 years, so this may be the last hurrah before the doors shut for good.

The cooling, therapeutic and meditative properties of this oil are incredible and will only improve as it ages.

This oil is a real mind-bender as it is both dense yet delicate in profile. It also projects with some serious tenacity on my skin.

Once again the amount of this oil is very limited and as with most good things in life, it won’t last. Grab it while you can!

Due to the limited quantities, we're not able to offer 0.2ml size samples.