Transcendent heater

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The transcendent heater is the perfect way to heat your rare aromatics for the perfect Japanese incense ceremony experience. Whether you're heating up rare kinam to release its delicious scents or softening resins to increase their potency, this little heater will do the trick. Compact and easy to use, the transcendent heater is a must-have for any kodo enthusiast.

The Transcendent heater give’s more room for placing your aromatics compare to other heaters. It’s easier to clean,more durable, more compact, easier to carry and gives more heat.

This amazing heater come with 5g of Green & White Hojari Frankincense, 5g of Omani Myrrh and 3g of oud, incense tweezers with 4 mica plates 


Heating area Temperature range

Preset temperature (Factory setting)

Output power Input voltage

30mm*30mm 100-350°C

M1:220°C M2:250°C M3:300°C 60W(Max) 20V(Max)

 This product has a wall plug-in cable and is NOT battery powered