Trat Oil

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Everyone has smelled a plantation Trat oil  they are everywhere.  Take a bottle of your Trat oil and show it to any Oud oil user and they will look back unimpressed and say “Traat”.  Take it and show it to family and show your friends.  You will get the same reaction.  Why not go the whole way and take it to work to show your colleagues for a repeat reaction if you really want to.  Trat along with Hindis are the staple of the Oud world and everyone and their pet dog have smelled a Trat. 

So why bother with this latest release from a newcomer like Oud Base?  Well, 95% of Trats in the market are exercises in distilling the most oil at the lowest cost from the point of distillation to delivery to you, the customer.  It is no wonder that the genre has cultivated (no pun intended) an image of the no-frills, utility choice when it comes to an Oud.  This oil is cooked according to artisanal norms where the aroma comes first and you can tell from the smell off the bottle top to a swipe on your wrist.  Opening with a smooth and sweet pipe tobacco note characteristic of those rare aged higher quality Trat oils that seldom make it to market, this oil is absent of those fruity accessory notes that mar most oils from Trat.


Agarwood Species: Aquilaria Crassna

 in 2017 using a copper distillation pot


Light citrus honey with notes of leathery tobacco and a dry down of creamy woody base