Bangla Cacao Organic

Regular price $70.00

OudBase is proud to offer Bangla Cacao Organic

An organic wood bursting with resin and that punches well above its price bracket.

This wood hails from the region of North Bangladesh, as expected it represents the Hindi profile but with a twist.

Be prepared for an explosion of exotic spice once this hits the charcoal, spices which include pepper and cardamom and a hint of clove. Later on, the woody, earthy, and mineral properties come into the burn, the above is supported by a slight dark chocolate nuance which elevates the experience to another level.

At OudBase we pride ourselves on honesty and we would strongly advise NOT to use this on an electronic burner and only to use it on charcoal. This is for one simple reason, traditionally organic wood from this region is nailed and if any traces of the nail remains it could cause problems with your electric burner also not all pieces are as resinous as it may seem. For this reason, we have priced  Bangla Cacao Organic at $50 for 20gram