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If you have ever visited a library room in a stately home containing ancient manuscripts that hold the wisdom of ages, I suspect that it would smell like the Indomalay. Opening the vial cap to this wonderfully aged oud from the Indo-Malay region evokes images of sitting on an expensive old leather sofa on a rainy day, admiring musky and dusty leather-bound tomes and old texts stacked neatly in row after row.

There aren’t many oud oils that capture the wonderful and smooth smell of refined age so well and the few that exist command a significantly higher price than being offered here.  This is a masterpiece oud oil that I intended to keep off the website for longer in the hope that I might be able to avoid selling it altogether and that is a problem when you are in the business of selling something that you love.  You simply don’t want to sell, as it can be painful to part with a loved one. If there is only one oud oil you can buy at this present moment, it should, it must be IndoMalay because this is one connoisseur oud oil I would gladly keep for myself. 
This was distilled in the UAE in 1998, it was a combined distillation using high grade dust from Jayapura and Malaysia.